Illustration, logo design, scene Perspective


A college student who loves painting pursues a variety of painting styles, improves himself through a lot of practice, and challenges innovation again and again

About the painter

“Painting is the art of life”
See the interest in capturing images, and use the lens to light up the mountains and rivers.
See the interest on the way. Extend the road under your feet with stories.

See the interest in creating everything. Paint the stars and the sea in the distance with a brush.
See the interest in embracing dimensions. Use imagination to make cartoon characters and game protagonists jump On the paper.

Painting everyday

“My favorite illustration”
The illustration lines are very tense, and it is obvious that they are drawn rather than polished. They are both powerful and elegant. Just like good sketch lines, they are good at both plane expression and spatial expression.
Style and personality, combining technology with life to further express themselves

The works directly attack the soul "-- Taking the road that others dare not take and interpreting their own legends


  • Hand drawn


  • Ubee


  • Sketch


  • perspective


  • color


  • structure